Welcome to High Forest, in what was once the kingdom of Eaerlann. The Stronghold of the Nine you have claimed as your own, and may now begin restoring to its proper glory.

To the north, the Star Mounts block the horizon to the greater reaches of High Forest. To the west, nearly a hundred miles of mostly empty woodlands separate you from human lands, and the ever-encroaching hand of Waterdeep. To the south, the Unicorn Run hurries onward to meet the Delimbiyr River, where lies the human town of Secomber, beyond which lies the vast stretches of the High Moor. To the east, the Dire Wood looms as a reminder of Netheril’s folly. Between the stronghold and the tainted wood lie seven elven hamlets, as well as the larger wood elf town of Nordahaeril. Beyond the Dire Wood lies the eastern edge of the forest, and the human city of Loudwater.

Your efforts to build a new kingdom will surely be remembered as one of the greatest triumphs or failures in the history of Faerunian heroism. Treasure has already begun to amass at your feet, as well as legends of glory. But can you strive against the unforgiving enemies of elves and mortals, to become Lords of Faerun?

Lords of Faerun

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