The Kingdom

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Kingdom Turns

Mirtul 1372: Took up residence in the Stronghold of the Nine after an ardous journey south through the late winter cold. Able hands made the former barracks habitable and even comfortable again. Supplies were provided to Nisteria the midwife (adept 2) to set up a location outside of the main residences where those still ill or injured from the migration could be tended to. Nisteria, despite lacking a gift in the Art, knows how to brew many simple potions, and is quickly learning the enchantments and formulae necessary to create other magic items.

Kythorn 1372: Cleared out the lower levels of the elaborate dwarven forge. Restoring it well enough to fufill the basic needs of the community was simple enough, but reaching its full potential will require more excavation, including clearing the debris blocking out many potential dangers from the lower levels. Nisteria brews a potion to ward off the cold, hoping to stockpile now against next winter.

Flamerule 1372: Restoration of the library which had been left behind by the priests of Moradin had begun almost immediately upon retaking the Stronghold. Now, the work is complete and the shrine has been rededicated. Nisteria brews a potion to help heal injuries on the battlefield.

The Kingdom

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