Secomber is a small town that acts as a de facto border town between the relatively peaceful Western Heartlands and the more savage North along the Sword Coast.

It sits atop three stone hills on (errata: near) the banks of the southern-running Unicorn Run river and the western-running River Delimbiyr. Directly south of the town is the dangerous High Moor. To the north (errata: west), along Secomber Trail is Uluvin.

The town is populated primarily by humans, but almost as many halflings call the place home. A small clan of dwarves lives in the area as well.

Secomber is said to rest upon the ruins of an ancient human kingdom known as Athalantar. Digging in the western part of town occasionally turns up old ruined walls or cobblestones, and even some magical items have been discovered in this manner. These ruins are also said to be the source of the town’s gargoyle infestation.

Secomber is a peaceful, boring village of fisherfolk, farmers, stonecutters, and guides and guards for frequent caravan traffic traveling west. Farmer holdings fan out northwest of the village, and the fisherfolk eke out a living spearing and netting fish and freshwater crabs from skiffs. The stonecutters manage a living quarrying pink granite from the cliffs marking the High Moor‘s northern edge. Most Secomberites are human, but almost as many are halflings whose low, garden-adorned homes make the hills of the village seem more a terraced estate than a settlement. The remainder are dwarves of the Ironeater Clan, who work among the humans but live in a small compound of their own on one of the eastern hilltops, and a scattering of gnomes and moon elves. It has a garrison of 30 soldiers provided by the Lords’ Alliance dwelling in a small palisaded fort atop a hill. The garrison, led by Traskar Selarn, a ranger of some fame, patrols the farmland and vicinity diligently, capably dealing with the few orcs and bugbears who get this far. Lord Traskar makes adventurers welcome in Secomber, and many adventuring bands and rangers use the village as a supply base for treasure hunting forays.


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