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The great dwarven craftsman Iirikos Stoneshoulder of Ammarindar built an ornate bridge across the Delimbiyr River in 149 DR for some elven friends of his. These elves, who were members of two moon elf families who followed Labelas Enoreth, built a school of philosophy on the north bank of the river. Constructing homes around the school, which they named the Velti’Enorethal, the site grew into a small town.

Later, humans descended from the survivors of Netheril discovered the town and built their own houses, bringing human ideals to the expanding settlement. Though most of the humans lived separately from the elves on the south bank of the river, their influence still upset the elven natives and in 1100 DR, they began slowly leaving their homes for Evereska.

From its humble origins, Loudwater has become a thriving human town for trade and business traveling to and from Waterdeep. After the departure of the elves from the town, a family of Calishite sorcerers moved in and seized power, exploiting the surrounding land for wealth and profit. Though the Rensha family has since been overthrown, their reign placed a large blemish on Loudwater’s already-antagonistic history with the inhabitants of the High Forest.


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