High Forest

From forgottenrealms.wikia.com:

The High Forest is a remnant of the days of old, when all of Faerûn was covered in green and elves, giants and dragons ruled the world. The forest is a vast region of old forest growth bounded by the Nether Mountains in the north and the High Moor to the south. To the west is found the Evermoors and to the east the vast desert of Anauroch. The eastern border of the High Forest butts up against Delimbiyr Vale through which flows the Delimbiyr River.

The southern slopes of the legendary Star Mounts contain the Endless Caverns, which are said to be home to dragons and to connect to the Underdark. To the south of the caverns is the Stronghold of the Nine, an abandoned dwarven site now apparently claimed by elves. East of the mounts and south of the Heartblood River, is the ruined Netherese city of Karse. The region of forest within the wide bend of the Heartblood River is called the Dire Wood, where a great massacre once took place.

High Forest is primarily home to elves (75% wood, 25% moon), who easily make up well over half of the region’s population. Fey spirits of different sorts are also present, as well as small, scattered communities of centaurs, humans, gnolls, and orcs.

Deep below the forest grows the enormous fungal entity known as the Araumycos.

High Forest

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