Dire Wood

The Dire Wood is a region of the southeastern High Forest which has been corrupted by rampant and unchecked magical energies. Marked by a distinct ring of albino oak trees, the Dire Wood is not easy to stumble into accidentally. Within its borders, the trees are completely blackened and petrified, though as one proceeds further it, some life returns to the trees and undergrowth.

A large red stone is the most prominent landmark in the wood. Located roughly at the area’s center, the stone is surrounded by the ancient Netherese settlement of Karse.

As one of, if not the most dangerous part of the High Forest, the Dire Wood sees few travelers. Monsters of all shapes and varieties seem to populate the wood, including creatures reportedly seen nowhere else in Faerun. At least one lich dwells in the wood, and rumors of a deepspawn would explain the odd variety of monstrous life in the region. Creatures within the Dire Wood seem unwilling or unable to venture beyond its borders.

Another hazard of the wood which does not seem limited by its albino borders is the arcane energy which has come to be known as “wizard-weather”. Though they are more often heard than seen, the wood elf villages near the wood report storms that cause fireballs to rain from the sky, or turn the grass beneath them violet, or cause though caught in the downpour to temporarily lose their memory. Elven mages from Nordahaeril regularly try to patrol the borders of the Dire Wood during periods of intense wizard-weather, and occasionally are able to dispel the storms before they cause problems.

Dire Wood

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