Tarbash Delkissel

A lanky gnome (by gnome standards) with a shock of copper-brown hair


Tarbash wears the clothes of a gentleman gnome, though they are worn by the trials of life in Myth Drannor. His beard is still copper, though as he has aged, his hair has taken on streaks of white and strawberry-red. He wears a pair of spectacles and talks quickly. He is a practical and savvy gnome with a down-to-earth attitude.


A gnome merchant, discovered hiding near the Shrine of Mystra on the outskirts of the Polyandrium of Myth Drannor. Tarbash’s dear friend Robalend was captured slightly over a week ago by the Cult of the Dragon forces in Myth Drannor. He has a large store of mundane supplies which he keeps in a hidden stash near the shrine, as well as some useful magic items. He also has disposable gold, and is willing to buy up any valuable treasure found in the Myth Drannor ruins. He knows a great deal about the Polyandrium and the surrounding outskirts of the city, but has never ventured into the city itself.

Tarbash Delkissel

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