Lords of Faerun

The Stronghold Retaken

Session Zero

Akor, Thorik, and Valas have successfully claimed the Stronghold of the Nine after three months of restoration. With their small community, they have begun reaching out and making contact with the wood elves of the southern High Forest.

On the day after Shieldmeet, the heroes were surprised to find an older wood elf named Filigar appearing at their doorstep with his family. They were clearly distraught and had come with great speed, bearing the ill tidings that they were not the first group to attempt to reach the Stronghold. Disappearances have been claiming wood elves in the seven hamlets of the southern forest. Now, two parties— a lone messenger and later a band of armed wood elf warriors— are unaccounted for.

Investigating the missing elven warriors, the moon elf ranger Jaros turns up several significant clues. He discovers the scene of a brief but urgent battle along the shore of the Unicorn Run, and a broken arrow of apparently human make, tinged with the “scent” of ancient elven High Magic.



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